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Statement on the war in Ukraine

Statement on the war in Ukraine

Dear Ladies and Gentelmen

The war in Ukraine is shocking to us all and is a threat to freedom and selfdetermination as well as life itself of millions of people.

The geopolitical situation is complex and there is a real risk of further escalation. It affects us both as individuals and as a company from an economical point of view, with uncertainty influencing demand and costs spiralling higher; additionally, the absolute gravity of the situation challenges values we believe in and we are forced to reconsider globalisation and accept the prospect of a new order with strong lines and borders between areas.

We have to stand united and put trust in our respective national governments; they will determine and decide the appropriate rules of engagement for any future commercial activities between the areas concerned.

The SpanSet Group will of course follow any such decisions and rules very strictly.

Where we as a Group have the possibility to assist refugees we do so.

Our thoughts are with the courageous defenders of land and freedom and with all the innocent victims of the aggression.

SpanSet Group

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